Can One Mix CBD Oil with Alcohol

Can One Mix CBD Oil with Alcohol

The use of CBD oil has quickly shot up as more and more people learn of its various benefits. It is a good idea for beginners of CBD to use CBD oil to try it. The CBD oil is easy to use and offers flexible options. You can use it in the morning or whenever you want without having to worry about consuming it.

CBD oil is just one of the many forms of CBD. It is also one of the most popular options. A question which people normally have is if they can mix CBD oil with alcohol. Now, one thing is for sure and that is that they both are depressors. So is it okay for one to mix CBD oil with alcohol? It is more complicated than a simple yes or no.  Therefore, one should first understand what the function of CBD and alcohol is.

What is the Function of CBD?

It is a compound in weed which is used to provide one with relaxing effects; however, it is not psychoactive as it contains a low amount of THC meaning that you wouldn’t get high if you consume it. There are various forms of CBD such as capsules, edibles, vape, oil, juice and alcohol.

How does CBD Oil Interact with Alcohol?

If you consume both CBD oil and alcohol within 4 to 8 hours then they would most likely interact with each other. The CBD would have a much stronger effect if you consume it with alcohol. CBD and alcohol work towards making you feel relaxed and even lower your inhibitions which is why a duo-effect might not be what you are looking for. In general CBD oil helps makes you feel chill, mellow and lighthearted and when you consume alcohol with it, it would only make the feeling much more intense.

For some, it has been observed that the consumption of both CBD oil and alcohol makes them feel sedated which is why it isn’t recommended for you to try the combination, especially when not at home.

Furthermore, if you increase the dosage, so would the problems increase as you could potentially get in trouble. When you take the two together, the level of intoxication that you experience would be far greater and you would lose control meaning that motor coordination levels would significantly drop and it is due to this reason that it not recommended for one to try the duo.

Should One Try CBD Oil with Alcohol?

Not a lot of research has been done to suggest if it is completely right to try the two in combination or not. But, as for now it is better to not try mixing the two together as it could lead to complications for you.

CBD oil has many benefits and if you want to make the most of it then you should consume it in isolation. Feeling down or anxious then just use some CBD oil to feel relaxed.


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