Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil has many benefits and with the recent changes in law, one can use CBD oil to experience the benefits it offers. The 2018 Farm Bill paved the way towards a more drug-friendly country, however, there are still many states which continue to apply stringent laws and make the lives of their residents hard.

One of the groups of people who use CBD oil or CBD products in general are truck drivers. There are many advantages for truck drivers which they could experience if they consume CBD oil as explained below:

  • Feeling of Relaxation: It can be tough to drive a truck especially from one state to another and sometimes it can also be from one coast to the other. Due to this using CBD oil becomes necessary for truck drivers as it helps keep them relaxed.
  • Help Relieve Pain: Driving a truck can be difficult and tiring meaning that there could be situations where truck drivers could experience pain such as back pain. This is why when truck drivers use CBD oil, they will feel relieved.
  • Improves Focus: It can be tough to drive from one place to another especially from one state to the other and it can be difficult to focus. If truck drivers want to continue doing a good job at work then they need to use CBD oil to improve their focus.

So can Truck Driver Use CBD Oil?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no as it varies from region to region. If a truck driver is driving in a state such as California then he would be able to use CBD oil. However, if the truck driver has to drive within the state of Idaho then it would be better to avoid using CBD oil as the state still follows stringent laws which discourage use of cannabis, especially for drivers as they could get charged for drinking and driving.

Depends on the State

The most important thing which truck drivers need to keep in mind is the state they are driving in, if they remain within a single state then they have to adhere to its laws, whereas, if they drive from one state to the other then they need to make sure that whichever state they are in, they follow the laws of that state.

For example if a truck driver drives a truck from California to Idaho then in that case, when the truck driver is in California, he would be able to use CBD oil. However, when he enters the state of Idaho then he would need to make sure that he is not using any CBD oil. Furthermore, states can require truck drivers to undergo a drug test and since CBD contains up to 0.3% of THC. It would lead to a positive in the drug test which is why when a truck driver drives to a state with stringent laws, they should avoid using CBD products altogether to ensure that they do not end up in any legal complicity.

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