CBD and Alcohol: A Combo You Should Know About

CBD and Alcohol: A Combo You Should Know About

People mostly use CBD for its medicinal benefits, whereas, alcohol is used for getting drunk and high. According to research, it has been observed that CBD and alcohol interact but is it a reason for you to mix CBD with alcohol. Read on to find out.


In general, there are concerns with mixing cannabis with alcohol. But how about mixing CBD with alcohol? The use of CBD has shot up recently and many people have started to mix their CBD with alcohol, beer or just a cocktail. However, how do these two substances interact and should one be concerned? Let’s debunk one of the most popular questions found online.

How do CBD and Alcohol interact with One Another?

Both CBD and alcohol interact with each other. As alcohol is a depressant drug, it tries to depress your central nervous system and it does have other effects too such as stimulation. As for CBD, it is quite similar. When you consume CBD in small doses, what it does is that it has an energizing and alerting effect. However, if you consume CBD in larger doses then it would lead to sedative-like effects.

Now, the thing is that there hasn’t been much research in this subject. However, there is a famous study which was conducted in 1979 which studied the way CBD and alcohol interact with each other. During that period, the journal for psychopharmacology released a study in which 10 volunteers had been involved and in the research, a combination of various participants’ blood alcohol levels, psychomotor skills, motor performance and many more things were assessed.

This study pointed out that when the participants had been given a combination of CBD and alcohol to consume, they experienced much impairment in most of the tests conducted. One thing which was concluded in the study was that taking CBD and alcohol in combination significantly reduced the blood alcohol levels. However, the level of impairment remained similar.

Can I Consume CBD and Alcohol together?

Now, there isn’t a simple answer to this. Although, one can consume both CBD and alcohol together, it is better not to as it impairs your abilities. You can try it the two out but do not expect to achieve the focus which you normally could with consuming CBD in isolation.

It is okay to try consuming both, however, it is advised to keep to low amounts so as to ensure that your cognitive skills remain at an optimal. There are various reasons why one might think about trying CBD and alcohol together and it is fine to try it out. But, the fact remains that when you consume the together, it leads to the effects of CBD being less effective.

Therefore, if you want to use CBD for its various uses such as relaxation, calmness, focus and many others then it would be better to not mix the two. CBD offers users many benefits and if you want to only take advantage of the benefits then it is better to consume the two in isolation.


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