Oliver’s Harvest Diabetes Supplement

Oliver’s Harvest Diabetes Supplement




If you have diabetes and would like to maintain a healthy blood glucose level, Oliver’s Harvest Diabetic Supplements may be the right product for you. With diabetes, it is especially important to prevent oxidative stress, inflammation, neuropathy and other complications, which is why we formulated this unique product.

How does this product work?

Oliver’s Harvest Diabetic Supplements tablets contain three active ingredients that work at the same time and may help you to maintain a healthy blood glucose level and prevent complications.

  • Cinnamon powder contains many antioxidants that may help to reduce oxidative stress due to high blood glucose, improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels and prevent complication.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid works as an antioxidant, and may help with glucose uptake in muscles, enhance insulin sensitivity and mitigate
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) may prevent inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, prevent neurodegeneration and decrease retinal complications.


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