Sublingual Oils

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Sublingual Oil: Usage & Benefits

CBD Oil has been all the rage in the health and beauty industry ever since medical marijuana has been legalized. From being used as a pain reliever to becoming popular for its skin care benefits, CBD oil has found numerous uses due to its amazing natural characteristics. Cannabinoid, being the full form of CBD, is one of the 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. But unlike THC, it is not a psychoactive element, which means it does not make you feel high. Which is why it is being preferred for treating a number of conditions as opposed to traditional medicine with its various side effects.

What is Sublingual Oil?

There are a number of ways to ingest CBD oil. You can take it in pill form, use it in vapes, cook it into a meal or take it sublingually. When CBD Oil is taken sublingually, a few drops of the oil are put under the tongue and held there for up to 90 seconds. This way the mucus membranes present under the tongue can absorb the active ingredients present in the CBD oil. The main benefit of taking the oil sublingually is that it surpasses the whole digestive system and the metabolization of the liver. This lets the oil reach your blood stream a lot faster than if you had taken the oil in the form of a pill or mixed in some meal.

CBD oil in its purest form, which is either high quality CBD oil or even tinctures, is meant for sublingual usage. If you want instant CBD benefits than sublingual ingestion is your best bet. The oil or tinctures can be easily held under the tongue and reach the body’s endocannabinoid system a lot faster than any other method of ingestion. Sublingual oils are often mixed with a few other ingredients like vitamins to offer a wider range of health and therapeutic benefits to the user.

Benefits of Sublingual Oil

We have already discussed a few but, let’s specify each benefit of the sublingual oils to help you choose this method of ingestion over the others.

Immediate Effect

Sublingual oils have an immediate impact and provide instant relief for whichever purpose they are taken. For example pain relief is felt almost instantly, takes a lot less time than digestive tract absorption.

No Loss of Product

When CBD oil or tinctures are taken orally, some product cab be lost during the digestive process. Sublingual oils reach your blood stream without the loss of any product in the absorption process.


CBD oils meant for sublingual usage are in their purest form. Which means you are taking the product in the safest form and are free from the risk of impurities found in extracts and meals.

Cost Effective

Since sublingual oil is effective with a little amount, it means you will need less product for your treatment. Less usage means you need to spend less on buying new products.

Have you tried sublingual oils before? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.